Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams account is required.

Initial setup

  1. Install the app from the LiveChat Marketplace.
  2. In the LiveChat Agent Application, go to Settings > Integrations & apps > Microsoft Teams.
  3. Authorize the application.

Configure notifications

  1. Click Add Microsoft Teams notification.
  2. Select the LiveChat group from which you want to receive notifications. If you want to receive notifications from more than one group, repeat the configuration for each group.
  3. Enter the webhook URL that will receive the notifications. If you don't know how to get such a URL, read a tutorial in the Microsoft Teams documentation.
  4. Select what events should trigger sending notifications.
  5. Save changes. You should now see Microsoft Teams on the list of notifications.

💡 Use the Status toggle to enable notifications. If you want to edit the configuration or delete the notifications, use the three-dot menu.


  • Incoming chat

    Incoming chat for Discord
  • Chat deactivated

    Chat deactivated for Discord
  • Pre-chat/Post-chat survey filled

    Pre-chat/Post-chat survey filled for Discord
  • Chat was rated by the customer

    Chat was rated by customer for Discord
  • Chat was commented by the customer

    Chat was commented by Customer for Discord

Feedback and feature request

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